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In life, our demand and desires are constantly greater than the time we have to achieve them. Most of us are too busy with life, and tend to overlook what the fundamentals are that made up our lifestyle. We believe in mutual growth with equal fairness between our partners and ourselves and this will push us forward and bring us further. Transcending all our products and services to be top-of-mind through high standards of excellence whilst making sure all our customers have the best of us, is our daily job.

At Global Point Foods Industries Sdn Bhd, we strive to bringing fun into our lives with our products and services. Our product are Soft Chewy Candies with Fruities, Salted and Mint flavour, which brings us different flavors in life no matter what stage of life we are in.

We committed to provide consumers with products and services that offer Consistent Quality at Affordable Prices. We encourage consumers¡¯ feedback as a means of continuous improvement in our Quality of products and services. We recognize the need of Speed of Response to market requirement in new products and services development.

In our production line, we have Uncompromised Commitment to Quality throughout the organisation to meet the needs of our consumers globally and are dedicated to continuous improvement in what we do and act responsibly to address products and services quality issues.

We will not forget our goals to provide consumers with the Highest Quality Products and Services that will enrich and enlighten their life. This is the essential basis of our continual growth and success which will meet our consumers expectation globally.

Distribution Network

Contract Manufacturing

We at Global Point Foods Industries Sdn Bhd (GPF), committed to deliver the highest quality products for our contract manufacturing service for premium label. We are specializing in soft candies production and with various packaging size and material.

At GPF we adhere to strict quality controls and confidentiality agreement and our employee professional development is our key investment to ensured quality of standard in our production line and compliances of manufacturing standard like HACCP, GMP & Halal Certification.

Through uncompromising strict quality control on each aspect throughout the process, we are well acknowledged contract manufacturing partner across major countries around the world like China, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and more ..

We value each client and customer and committed to establish and develop healthy lasting partnership through mutual value and trusts. Leave your contract manufacturing services to us, let us make a difference for your branding.

We are able to accommodate short lead orders and special packaging needs. Contact us at enquiry@globalpoint.com.my or +603 5518 3360 Ext: 113.


Fruities™ soft chewy candies offers a fun experience for the whole family! Its One-of-a-Kind flavor that everyone loved for the last decade. Fruities comes in 5 flavours, Blackcurrant, Apple, Mango, Orange and Strawberry.

Fruities™ available in gusset packing in 3 sizes, they are 150g, 500g and 1kg.

We finally found the perfect balance of flavor in candies with the amazing savor of Salted™. This satisfies for those who love salty-sweet cravings.. Pure bliss! Treat yourself, friends and family to a special treat that only Salted™ can provide.

Our Salted™ soft chewy candies come in 3 flavours which is Salted Caramel, Salted Calamansi and Salted Lime that packed in 65g pillow packing.

Mint™ cater for those who love refreshing taste when you are in need for invigorating mind.

Minty providing you with fresh breath and great taste!

Enjoy our Minty soft chewy candies in 2 flavors, Peppermint and Spearmint that packed in 65g pillow packing.


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Global Point Foods Industries Sdn Bhd
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No. 6, Jalan Pahat 16/8A, Section 16, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
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